Form 8889

Form 8889 – the IRS tax form for Health Savings Accounts

Form 8889 is the IRS required tax filing for Health Savings Accounts. Most HSA holders will have to file it each year, including those who:

You will need a few things to file Form 8889:

HSA Form 8889 has three main parts:

  1. Part I – Contributions
  2. Part II – Distributions
  3. Part III – Taxes and Penalties

2016 Form 8889 – instructions and example

The most recent tax year available. Be sure to see this article for complete text surrounding our example for 2016 Form 8889. Otherwise, check out this video to get you started.

Watch on Youtube: 2016 HSA Form 8889 instructions and example

How to file Form 8889

This is a more generalized video for filing Form 8889 with emphasis on the completed example. However, you can definitely learn about how the form works, and see the supporting article here:

Watch on Youtube: How to File HSA Tax Form 8889 - complete HSA Form 8889 in 10 minutes!