First Post – Site Goals and the Future of Health Care

Welcome to HSA Edge, and thank you for taking the time to read through the site.  I hope you find the information here valuable and thought provoking.

The goal of this site is to help you develop a strategy for your health care.  Given the name, this site focuses on the advantages provided by an HDHP enabled HSA. For many people, the benefits of low monthly premiums – combined with tax free saving and investment – makes a lot of sense.   These plans not only limit your financial liability but allow you to  control your health care while saving for your future.

However, one size rarely fits all.  In deciding on your health care and goals, this site will aid in providing clear and complete information.  If you decide an HSA is right for you, great! Alternatively, if you determine that an HSA is not right for you, that is an equally successful outcome.  Everyone has to choose what is best for them.

Whatever your choice, health care will be an increasingly important topic for the rest of our lives.  This stems from a variety of factors:

  • As an individual, health insurance creates a medical safety net and a limitation of financial liability.  It can be a major expense or a source of savings.
  • For the economy, health care represents a massive and growing industry.
  • For the country, it is a political issue as greater and greater costs must be paid by limited resources.  As economist John Mauldin notes, America needs to decide “how much health care we want, and how we will pay for it”
  • It is also a battleground for the older generation, who are growing and aging.
  • Promisingly, health care technology  is a sandbox for the genius’ of today.  Products and practices are being developed that will keep us alive much longer, while bringing down costs.

As these forces interact and change over time, the future of health care is shaped.  Understanding these changes – and their implications – will help you plan for you and your family.  HSA Edge will be here as a resource every step of the way.